Budget Deckbuilding: Mono-Blue “Card Draw Burn”

You are visited by the owl, take four damage.

Now that the Kamigawa block Preconstructed Decks are all done, it is time to go for other articles to complete the block; for example building some decks to give ideas to what else is possible. If you have seen what decks I built for the Mirrodin block, you will have notice that the bar ranges from sticking closing to the cards given to me by the block to simply picking one cool card and building whatever works around it. The problem is that Mirrodin, despite its unifying Artifact focus, has way more potential options to work with; Kamigawa is just that weak in comparison. Nevertheless, here is something that I came up with.

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Structure Deck: Fury from the Deep

After a not-so-hot Fire deck two weeks ago, we have to take a look at the counterpart it had to put up with; and the decks were without a doubt stacked against the Fire one with “Fury from the Deep” being the Water-Attribute deck in question. This was a solid box to own back in the day, but what contents we find here and how they worked is something I want to discuss in this article. Let’s take a dive:

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The Videogame Corner: League of Legends

Game: League of Legends
Developer: Riot Games
First Released: 2009
Genre: MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena)

So, “League of Legends”. I knew that I had to do this at some point. Not just to talk about a game that has taken up quite a lot of my time a number of years ago. No, “League of Legends” is far more than just a game that you play when you come home after work. At some point in time, “League of Legends” was everywhere with seemingly random people playing it. In my classes back in the day you could throw in the subject of “League of Legends” and at least three people were actively playing it. Later on when I made money doing temp work for a while it was highly possible to find out that colleagues of mine had an account. And even in other hobby circles you were bound to hear about the most impressive killing spree or that one skill shot across the map that managed to hit. Writing about this game is not something that fills me with joy though: The game is a vampire that I want to drive out of my life once and for all by giving it a eulogy in form of this article. Feel free to read my impressions and experiences regarding “LOL” and leave your own impressions and feelings in the comments if you like. But let us be clear about one thing: For me, this article is a task that has to be done, plain and simple. And I will certainly not sugarcoat writing about it.

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Budget Deckbuilding: Night Terrors

After three Preconstructed Decks from Mirage, here is the last candidate: “Night Terrors”. This deck does drop all the fancy color combinations for a simple strategy called mono-Black and has a sizeable beater in form of “Spirit of the Night”. Let’s see if the deck holds up after all those years.

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Archetype Analysis: Arcana Force

Last updated: 18.06.2022

Arcana Force XXI – The World“, for when you do not want your opponent to play anymore.

With the archetypes I am currently looking at one might assume that I have some villain week running or something. “Numeron” and “Malefic” were both played by anime antagonists, and today’s archetype is none other than “Arcana Force” which was used by Sartorius in Yugioh GX. The entire theme seems to rely on fate and chance, which is why the villain could control the outcome of things before they happened. And in all honesty, unless you have the same power in real life, you might not want to pick up “Arcana Force” as a deck, since they are an incoherent mess of an archetype, lacking in sense, consistency, strategy, and power all at the same time. That will not stop me from writing an article about them to inform other players about this archetype, so if you are interested in some really weird cardboard design choices this might be the article for you.

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Structure Deck Review: Blaze of Destruction

With both Dragons and Zombies behind us, we move on to Structure Deck number three. The box we are going to talk about in this article does have history; but it built up infamy rather than fame. “Structure Deck: Blaze of Destruction” is a Fire Attribute deck with loads of effects and themes that have to do with fire in general, but why exactly this deck has such a bad reputation might become more clear over the course of this article.

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The Videogame Corner: Just Cause 3

Game: Just Cause 3
Developer: Avalanche Studios
First Released: 2015
Genre: Action Adventure/Third-Person-Shooter

Here we go again: After two installments of regime-toppling and explosion-filled action (or more acurately one game filled with the aforementioned action and one buggy and catastophic disaster), I am going to take a look at the third installment of the series. And the stakes are higher than ever since we are going to take on Sebastiano Di Ravello, general and dictator of the so-called “Republic” of Medici, a small fictional group of islands in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. As a cunning head of state that Di Ravello is, he managed to silence all resistances that would have threatened his political power and managed to get into his position by means of manipulation, blackmail, and political assassination; and at the point of time at the start of “Just Cause 3”, he has managed to keep his power for years. Well, that is until main character Rico Rodriguez enters the fray: Not only is the operative well-equipped to deal with military regimes, but this time it’s personal since Medici seems to be his homeland. Welcomed by the small force of rebels that try to oppose Di Ravello and armed with whatever the weapons dealer can offer him, he has the mission of taking out Di Ravello by disassembling anything in his jurisdiction.

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