Blaugust 2022: Day 2 – The program

Blaugust is in full swing and during the “Welcome the Blaugust” theme week I at least try to create posts that fit thematically. Yesterday, I talked about the rules and workings of Blaugust, so for today I want to take a look at a different but equally important part of the event: The participants. I can tell you that I spend lots of hours in front of my computer to make the blog as good as I think it can be; but without question there are countless other bloggers producing some crazy good content that is worth sharing. So, here is the list of the current Blaugust participants:

I invite you, dear readers, to click the links and visit what the blogging community has to offer. There were some promising ideas present to what can be expected from those blogs during Blaugust. Now, it is perfectly possible that I leave someone out due to not being aware of them planning something amazing; but chances are that I see it in the weeks to come. So for now, here are two examples of what to expect for the month of August:

Honestly, I would play the game regardless of what it is if it comes with such a cover. (Source:

Using artificial intelligence-based software like Craiyon or Midjourney, Tipa of “Chasing Dings!” had the idea to create gaming ideas for the various artworks that the software is producing. I heard of Craiyon (formerly known as “DALL-E”) before but have only ever seen people type in random stuff to use it as a sort of weird meme generator. The idea to actually use it productively is super interesting to me and the artwork I have seen so far looks stunning; so I will definitely check up regularly to see what visual treats combined with fictional gaming ideas they can come up with.

A lot of indie games to go through; but fighting for the indie game scene sounds like a worthy endeavor. (Source:

Krikket from “Nerd Girl Thoughts” continues with her one percent challenge. Said challenge, as far as I understand, spawned from Twitter posts saying that there is no need for the huge flood of indie games and that only playing through one percent of the total of indie games on the market would drive you insane. Some people said “Challenge accepted!” to that statement and the idea of playing indie games until that one percent border is reached was born. I am probably not taking part in that challenge, but if it means getting reviews for potentially interesting games for me to play, then I am all for it.

As for me, I am currently doing a combination of two things: Free-style blog posts about myself and the blog paired with the usual videogame content but more of it. The first three days of each week will be Blaugust-related content in which i will talk, rant, banter, and explain whatever I deem suitable for the theme of that week, the Wednesday will always be the usual Yugioh/Magic the Gathering deck analysis, and the period from Thursday to Saturday will feature videogame reviews for the games I played in the last few weeks. Pushing out videogame content at higher frequency is actually quite nice since I had enough material until the mid of next year at the pace at which I currently feature them, so it is definitely getting some material onto the blog.

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